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Best Quality Cheap Hair Dryers of 2023

4 Best selling cheap hair dryers of the Week on Amazon

Even if you can’t afford a professional hair dryer, there are cheap, affordable, good-quality hair dryers if you look hard enough. We will present you with the best hair dryers available at low prices below!

Hair dryer at a low price: Comparison

Our ranking was made on the basis of selection criteria. We recommend these 4 essential criteria that will allow you to choose the best product for you:

  •  The power:  check that the hair dryer offers power adapted to your hair so that the drying is not interminable. For delicate or damaged hair choose a power between 1000 and 1500 watts. You can opt for power ranging from 1500 to 1800 watts for healthy hair. If your hair is thick, you must use a higher power ranging from 1800 to 2400 watts. 
  •  The design:  the device must be ergonomic, easy to hold, and light above allCarrying the device at arm’s length should not be painful when you have to do brushings that still last for long minutes.
  •  Functions and technologies:  the current low-end models offer different functions, such as the ionic function, the infrared function, and the cold air function. The ions and the infrared make it possible to protect the hair from heat and give it softness and brilliance. The cold air function allows you to fix your hairstyle after drying.
  •  Safety: Choosing a device with an automatic shutdown is advisable. On the one hand, this assures you that it cannot remain on and cause burns if you forget. And on the other hand, it helps to save energy.

1- VAGARY Professional Salon Hair Dryer 2200w, Negative Ionic Blow Dryer

Remington Pro air: The Best cheap Hair Dryer

The Remington Pro Air is an excellent option for a professional hair dryer at home at a very affordable price.

It is a very powerful model with ionic technology to prevent frizz, very manageable, and has an extra-long cord of 3 meters, which gives you great freedom of movement.

The professional AC motor is much more efficient, durable, and quieter than non-professional DC motors.

Thanks to the removable rear grid, it is ergonomic, convenient, and easy to clean. It is worth it if you can afford it, although it is true that it is priced a bit higher than the products reviewed below.


  • Professional AC motor
  •  Complete, practical, and powerful


  • Not the cheapest

2- BaBylissPRO BP2800N Porcelain Ceramic 2800 Hair Dryer

BaBylissPRO BP2800N: an inexpensive hair dryer very suitable for travel

The BaBylissPRO BP2800N catches the eye at first glance, as it stands out with its gold-plated details and elegant design. But it’s not just the aesthetics that define this hair dryer, because it’s a cheap pro hair dryer but a good quality hair dryer, convenient and easy to carry because the cord is stored in the handle itself.

It has ionic anti-frizz technology, two temperatures, and a cold shot button, and it is ergonomic and very light.

The retractable cord is a nice feature, although you might find it difficult to insert it fully into the handle after heavy use. It’s worth the effort.


  • Original and elegant
  •  Retractable cable
  •  Very lightweight
  •  Ideal for travel


  • The cable is not very long
  •  The cable does not adapt well to the handle over time.

3- Philips HP 8232/00

Philips Daycare advanced: A cheap hair dryer that is very safe for your hair.

The Philips Daycare Advanced is one of the best-selling hair dryers on the market. This aesthetic model stands out for its Thermo to protect thermal protection, which prevents damage to the hair in the event of overheating.

It is ergonomic, not too noisy, and has ionic technology to prevent frizz. However, it should be mentioned that the quality of the materials can be improved, and it gives the impression of not being very resistant.


  • Powerful
  •  Thermo protect technology protects hair from excess heat


  • Material quality could be improved
  •  Not one of the lightest

4- Powerful 2200w Ionic Hair Dryer, Fast Drying Professional Blow Dryer

Remington Ionic Hair Dry 2200: A cheap hair dryer with great power

With the Remington Ionic Hair Dryer 2200, you get a hair dryer with similar features to a high-end hair dryer, but at a price that’s hard to believe.

It is an ionic Hair Dryer that includes a concentrator nozzle and a diffuser, a grid for easy cleaning, and a top power hair dryer; 2200w.

How does it differ from the high-end? Well, mainly the weight (about 600 grams ), the size, and the DC motor (not professional). If this is not a disadvantage for you, this hair dryer is a complete model at an excellent price.


  • Inexpensive and powerful
  •  Includes nozzle and diffuser


  • The cable is short.
  •  Not one of the lightest on the market

Tips for finding a good cheap hair dryer

This guide will find tips and tricks for buying an affordable pro hair dryer.

But, before providing them to you, we will guide you on the qualities the device must have so that the economic price is consistent with the excellent quality. This is essential to ensure optimal hair care.

What should an excellent cheap hair dryer do?

The hair dryer you buy at a cheap price should meet several qualifications in terms of power, airflow, technology, weight, materials, size, and accessories, as detailed below:

Important points:

  • The power: this is a fundamental criterion because it will determine the time it takes to dry your hair, an operation done daily, so the time it takes to dry everything is of great importance. Therefore, your new hair dryer must have a minimum power of around 1800 watts, ideally closer to 2000 watts.
  •  Different temperatures: the device must have a regulator offering different airflows and temperatures because you know that too much heat applied for too long damages your hair. In addition, if it also has a cold air button, it will allow you to remove residual heat faster and more efficiently.
  •  Technology: Advanced hair dryers incorporate Ionic hair dryer technology to apply negative ions that help water evaporate while sealing the hair cuticle. Or ionic and tourmaline ceramic hair dryer technology promotes even heat distribution and good heat distribution at the hair roots, helping to preserve the natural moisture and shine of the entire hair. Some devices also incorporate tourmaline, a semi-precious mineral with a practical anti-frizz effect.
  •  Weight: Lightweight models are essential, especially if you travel a lot, and there are some great options on the market with devices weighing no more than 500 grams. However, it is only advisable for the hair dryer to weigh up to 800 grams so that it is light to handle.
  •  Size: it is generally related to weight, but only sometimes. In any case, it is essential that the hair dryer is not bulky and that it is easy to handle and use.
  •  Materials: The hair dryer should preferably be made of materials that offer maximum impact resistance. We all know that these devices suffer greatly no matter how much care is taken.
  •  The accessories: it is also essential that the hair dryer has extras such as the nozzle that allows the air to be concentrated on specific areas to straighten the hair, for example. Or hair diffuser reviews are used to define and add volume to curly hair.


Therefore, we must always follow specific guidelines for drying hair, such as keeping the device 15 to 20 cm away from the hair at all times, the best cold air hair dryer, and always drying from the roots towards the points.

The Different Types Of Hair Dryers

A hairdryer comes in several models that have different features:

  • Ionic hair dryers: This hair dryer blows hot air and artificially produces negatively charged ions. This technology dries faster than a conventional hair dryer and minimizes trauma to the hair, as it is less aggressive, making it soft and shiny.
  •  Silent hair dryers: this device is much less noisy than a conventional hair dryer. It has an average of 60 decibels, only 80 for a normal.
  •  Professional hair dryers: this model is much more powerful and resistant than a standard hair dryer. It is equipped with a so-called “AC” motor intended to have a very long lifespan, whereas the traditional hair dryer is equipped with a lighter and less efficient so-called ” DC ” motor.
  •  Travel hair dryers are more compact hair dryers, usually foldable, which makes them easier to transport. It is generally much cheaper than a standard device and serves the same purpose: dry hair.
  •  Wall-mounted hair dryers: This device is the size of a classic hair dryer, powered directly from an outlet, and has a storage base on the wall. Its storage mode is more convenient and safe for children.
  •  Hair dryer hoods: this hair dryer covers the entire head. It uses indirect heat to dry in a gentle and healthy way, compared to conventional hair dryers which use direct heat to dry hair. They remove moisture from the hair while preserving it from the intense heat that could damage and break it.

The Different Hair Dryer Technologies

Some hair dryers are equipped with technologies to provide comfort and well-being to its user. There are 3 essential technologies  : 

  • Ionic technology: this technique allows the hair to be dried while preserving its natural shine of the hair. It helps reduce static electricity and damages hair and scalp less. This provides more shine, hold, and softness to the hair.
  •  Ceramic technology: this method consists of giving a constant temperature. The ceramic retains the heat and distributes it evenly throughout the hair to avoid damaging it.
  •  Tourmaline technology: this process provides volume or impeccable smoothing. It dries the hair faster while retaining its shine

Which Hair Dryer For Which Type Of Hair?

If you have fine hair, choose appliances with low power and keep the temperature not too high so as not to damage your hair.

For thick hair, choose a device with high power to reduce drying time and several power modes to avoid weakening it.

The cheap hair dryer suitable for curly or frizzy hair must reach 2000 W. A diffuser is expected to define curls and protect them from direct heat. The ion function is recommended.

It’s best to let curly hair air dry, but if you still need a blow dryer, focus on those with an ionic function or those with a diffuser to protect them as best as possible. The heat.

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How To Use A Hair Dryer?

A hairdryer is quite simple, but you have to be careful not to damage your hair. Likewise, careless drying of your hair can lead to tangles, damage, and dehydration. Getting it wrong can also create frizz and static, ruining your hairstyle

  1. Start by wringing and then pre-drying your hair with a towel: this will help reduce your efforts and reduce your hair’s exposure to heat.
  2.  Detangle your hair with your fingers, gently so as not to break the hair fiber.
  3.  Tilt your head forward to dry the strands from behind and loosen the roots if you’re looking for volume. Use a diffuser if you have curly hair.  
  4.  Dry your hair from bottom to top with gentle strokes. Hold the hair dryer 30 centimeters from your head while wiggling it to distribute the heat everywhere.
  5.  Once you get to the top hair, divide it into a few sections to dry them individually. This will allow them to dry faster and stylize them.
  6.  Do not hesitate to finish drying with the cold air touch to fix the final result and avoid frizz. 

How To Do A Brushing?

To achieve a  blow-dry that lasts, start drying your hair using the step before.

  1. Take your hair dryer equipped with an air concentrator which will allow good precision. 
  2.  Begin by sectioning your hair, starting at the bottom of the hair.
  3.  Take a strand, and using a brush, start your brushing by working the hair from roots to ends. Go down slowly and repeat the action until the bit is smooth. 
  4.  Repeat this process over your hair, choosing where to place your parting.
  5.  Complete your hairstyle with the cold air mode.

The Dangers Of Hair Dryers

For hair

Using a hair dryer daily can damage hair and make it dry. It would help if you tried to alternate your drying mode with drying in the open air without forgetting to dry them with a towel to remove the excess water to not crack the cuticles too much.

To avoid damaging your hair too much with the heat:

  1. Be careful not to keep the hair dryer too close to your hair and keep it in constant movement. This will avoid direct and too-long contact with the heat.
  2. Prefer low temperatures and the use of a diffuser.
  3. Remember that a protective treatment can protect your hair.

For the body

It still happens that people are electrocuted or electrified as a result of improper use of household appliances. A domestic accident happens quickly and unexpectedly.

To prevent any risk of incident, be careful not to use your hair dryer too close to the filled bathtub or a water source. Do not overload electrical outlets, as this may cause a short circuit, unplug the hair dryer after use and before cleaning.

If you hear your device making a funny noise or smelling unusual, turn it off and unplug it. If you have a warranty, ask for advice, send it in for repair, or have it exchanged.  

How Is A Hair Dryer Made?

A hairdryer is an electronic device with several parts contributing to its proper functioning. Here are the elements that make it up:

  1. Front protective grid: allows you to style and dry your hair. The air is centered to work the locks one by one.
  2.  Resistors: heat the air sent by the propellers. They are equipped with a thermal fuse.
  3.  Motor: this is the part that makes the hair dryer work. It allows putting an action the turbine which triggers the cold air to send it to the exit.
  4.  Rear protective grid: prevents dust and hair from getting stuck in it. This reduces overheating and prevents it from working correctly.
  5.  Turbine: draws in cold air and propels it over the electrical resistances. The engine drives the turbine.
  6.  Fresh air button: regulates the heating temperature.
  7.  Switches: allows the start and stop of the hair dryer.
  8.  Carbon brushes: transmit electric current to the motor to turn the turbine.
  9.  Power Cord: Connects the hair dryer to an electrical outlet.

Hair Dryer Alternatives

The blower brushes

The blower brush allows you to create hairstyles while drying your hair. It simplifies your life when creating different styles. It will allow you to dry your hair, straighten it, curl it, or even give it volume. This device frees you from the gadgets that waste your time, like curlers, straighteners, and even hair dryers: it’s an all-in-one.

The blower brush is quick and easy to use. It allows you to have pretty hairstyles easily at home. No need to go through the hair dryer box before styling your hair because it takes care of it.

There are some for different hair types, from fine to curly hair, and for different uses. There are brushes with several tips that will allow you to achieve different hairstyles. Choose its features carefully before you start.

heated brushes

The heated brush is not for drying hair, you will need a hair dryer to dry it or wait until it is dry to use it. This device is used to straighten your hair or create waves. Thanks to this tool, you will no longer have arm cramps from holding a hair dryer during your brushings, and you will be freer to move because you will only have to hold the brush.

This device does not damage your hair. Precisely, it makes it more supple and silky. This is still heat. We advise you to apply a thermal protector as you would for a straightening iron.

Rotating blower brushes

The rotating blower brush has the same use as the blower brush: it dries and styles. Its rotating cylinder sets it apart to give you even less work. She can straighten and give you curls both ways. Just put a wick at the root and direct the brush, which will take care of smoothing, curling, and waving

The heated caps

The heated cap is worn on the head like a standard cap. You have to put all your hair in it. Some contain neither a motor nor a cable. This accessory will allow you to creep while you dry your hair or carry out your hair care. They usually heat up in microwaves or plug into an electrical outlet. They protect your hair against external aggressions.

Frequently Asked Questions on hair dryers.

What is the best hair dryer brand?

BaByliss is one of the first brands that come to mind when we think of hair care tools. The long lifespan of its devices and their reliability are all assets that have won over consumers. On the lookout for the latest innovations, the brand constantly offers new models to improve the beauty and health of your hair. And whether it’s for individuals or professionals with BaByliss PRO, there’s something for everyone!

What is the best hair dryer of 2023?

 The Dyson Supersonic and the GHD Helios hair dryer are vying for the top spot in the best hair dryers of the 2023 ranking. Both show great power, in particular, thanks to their engines. In addition, they come with different temperature and speed levels for more versatility. The Dyson wins slightly on the design and comfort of the user part.

Do hair dryers damage the hair?

 In recent years, hair dryers have undergone a fundamental transformation. We are talking about the ceramic coating inside the device which provides better heat distribution and increases efficiency. The ceramic, coupled with the ionic function often present on the devices, thus improves hair protection! If you straighten your hair after drying it, we recommend using a heat protectant to keep it healthy.

How to blow-dry with a hair dryer?

 Do you want to get in shape like coming out of the hairdresser, but you don’t know how to go about it? For an excellent result, run a brush under your hair and simultaneously go down the length of the section with your blow dryer. Remember to hook the fine concentrator to your hair dryer! Then repeat the same gesture section by section. Otherwise, for hassle-free brushing, we suggest you turn to straighten brushes.

What is the best cordless hair dryer?

 While cordless hair straighteners have seen a boom recently, the same is not valid for hair dryers. Even the top-of-the-line hair dryer, the Dyson Supersonic, is corded. As for GHD, BaByliss, Parlux, or Remington, they also remain attached to the wired option. See what the future holds for us in wireless hair dryers!

Which cheap hair dryer to choose?

 We can only recommend opting for a device with a ceramic heating element that provides even heat overall lengths. Depending on your hair type, the model to choose also varies. For fine hair, a model with adjustable temperature is ideal for protecting it from excessively aggressive heat. For curly hair, the diffuser accessory is a must! As for curly hair, it is necessary to favor a cold air button for a well-fixed rendering and a fine concentrator tip.

How much does a hair dryer cost?

 One hundred euros or less: you can find high-performance quality models even under 100 euros. This is proof of this with the Remington PROluxe, which features an AC motor! And the good news is there are hair dryer models that do not exceed the 50 euro mark, such as the Philips BHD510/00 or the BaByliss Speed ​​Pro 2000! All this with more than adequate power.

Between 100 and 200 euros: We find the hair dryers used by hairdressing professionals at this price. Speed, power, and lightness are characteristic of this price range.

Two hundred euros and more: these more expensive models give pride of place to innovations. Reduced drying time or even hair care for a softer result, they offer the best at all levels. They also allow you to create different looks!

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