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Oral b water flossers: Comparison of the brand’s best dental jets

Oral-B is a famous American brand of oral hygiene products founded in 1950 in San Jose (California) by Dr. Robert W. Hutson (a periodontist specializing in gum health). Since 2006, it has been part of the multinational Procter & Gamble (P&G).

This invented the modern oral toothbrush in 1950 and patented various improved designs in the following years.

Today, the American company produces electric dental hygiene devices for home use, such as toothbrushes and oral water flossers, in partnership with the famous German brand Braun (also owned by P&G).

Oral-B dental water flossers incorporate Oxyjet technology, which combines a pressurized water jet enriched with micro-bubbles of air to stimulate and care for the health of your gums.

Let’s see together which are the best Oral-B water flossers.

Oral b water flosser: The best sellers of the moment on the internet

Oral b water flossers: Comparison of the best models of the brand

🏆 Our ranking 🏆

1- Oral-B Smart 5000 + Oxyjet Water Flosser: The complete oral hygiene base (with Bluetooth)

2- ORAL-B Oxyjet MD20: Inexpensive and ideal for gums and implants

3- ORAL-B Aquacare 4: Wireless water flosser that can be transported anywhere

4- ORAL-B Waterjet MD16: good value for money

1- Oral-B Water Flosser Advanced,

Oral-B Water Flosser Advanced: the complete Bluetooth oral hygiene base

The Oral-B Water Flosser Advanced is one of the best-selling oral health equipment from the prestigious brand.

This model is one of Oral-B’s most complete water flosser + toothbrush sets and one of the most complete in the industry.

To begin with, we highlight its wireless connection via Bluetooth. So you can better control your mouth cleaning, thanks to the free Oral-B application on your mobile phone.

First of all, the Oral-B Water Flosser Advanced electric toothbrush is cordless. It has a rechargeable battery (we remind you that the American brand is a pioneer in this type of brush, so its efficiency and quality are indisputable).

It incorporates 6 different and adaptable head types (whitening, sensitive, gum care, etc.).

According to studies, this electric toothbrush cleans up to 100% more plaque than a traditional toothbrush and helps remove stains.

The high-pressure dental water flosser is the ideal complement to finish cleaning dirt and bacteria from the interdental area, gums, etc., after brushing.

The water flosser incorporates Oxyjet air microbubble technology (patented by Oral B) to care for the gums while producing a massage effect and improving gum health. Before being injected into the water, the air passes through a special filter that purifies it.

In conclusion, with the Oral-B Water Flosser Advanced oral hygiene base, you will have total control of your dental health, with the combination of brushing and water flossing and with precise information on your smartphone in time. Real!


  • Oxyjet Technology
  •  Bluetooth connection
  •  Free mobile app
  •  5-level pressure regulation
  •  4 nozzles included
  •  2 jet modes
  •  Gum massage
  •  Cordless and rechargeable toothbrush
  •  6 brush heads
  •  Possibility of irrigation with mouthwash
  •  Recommended for implants, orthodontics, braces, 


  • The brush needs the base to be charged (you cannot take it on a trip).

2- ORAL-B Aqua Care Pro-Expert Dental Water Jet Technology with Oxyjet

ORAL-B Oxyjet: inexpensive flosser and ideal for gums and implants

The ORAL-B Oxyjet is one of the firm’s most innovative and high-performance models specializing in dental hygiene.

This device incorporates Braun technology, such as the generation of micro-bubbles of purified air (Oxyjet technology), which are injected into the water flow under pressure and stimulate the circulation of the gums.

Its powerful pressurized water jet can be adjusted to 5 levels, cleaning below the gum line and in the interdental space, removing food debris, tartar, and bacteria where the toothbrush cannot reach them.

To enhance the microbubble massage. We can be combined it with rotary irrigation. The result: healthier gums.

In addition to water, this water flosser allows you to add mouthwash in its large capacity tank (600 ml) to eliminate bacteria and fresher breath.

You can select 2 types of jets: single jets (to clean specific areas with intensity) or multiple jets (to clean more gently and massage the gums).

It is ideal and recommended for correct oral hygiene if you have dental implants, braces, etc.

As standard, it includes 4 types of nozzle: regular, for cleaning the tongue, for the periodontal pocket (among others), to adapt the irrigator better and clean effectively.

In summary, the ORAL-B Oxyjet Water Flosser is a perfect option for removing the most stubborn dirt, as well as helping to prevent gingivitis.


  • Price/quality ratio
  •  Powerful
  •  5 levels of water pressure intensity
  •  4 heads included
  •  Oxyjet technology with purified air microspheres
  •  Filtered
  •  2 selectable jet modes
  •  Gum massage
  •  Promotes the use of mouthwashes
  •  Suitable for dental implants and orthodontic appliances


  • It can be a bit noisy.

3- ORAL-B Aquacare Waterflosser with Oxyjet Technology

ORAL-B Aquacare 4: Wireless water flosser, portable and transportable everywhere

The ORAL-B Aquacare 4 wireless dental water flosser is one of the brand’s most minor.

It can work anywhere since it does not need an electrical outlet or a rechargeable battery.

Therefore, we recommend a water flosser for travel, to take to work, weekends, etc.

Its size is well managed, an “all in one” with a water tank integrated into the handle.

It has two operating modes: regular (standard) and sensitive (for gentler cleaning).

In addition, you can choose between 2 types of water jets: focused (to act more intensely on specific areas) or rotary.

This small water flosser has the technology of top-of-the-range models: pressurized water technology enriched with Oxyjet air microbubbles which, in addition to facilitating the elimination of food debris, provides a gentle gingival massage.

The water tank is easy to fill, directly from a tap, with a simple operation (an advantage of this type of water flosser is that the tank is very accessible).

With the manual mode, this water flosser allows you to have complete control and more comfortable pressure because it only irrigates by pressing a button, and if you release it, the water stops.

The ORAL-B Aquacare 4 Cordless Water Flosser is comfortable, convenient, and practical, even for removing food debris between dental appliances (floss and cob).


  • Oxyjet Technology
  •  Ease of transport
  •  Wireless
  •  Accessible and easy-to-fill tank
  •  Gingival massage
  •  Rechargeable battery
  •  Suitable for orthodontic appliances
  •  2 types of spray
  •  Manual mode


  • The pressure is sufficient for standard cleaning but does not reach the pressure a water flosser with a base allows.

4- Oral-B Professional Care Waterjand

ORAL-B Waterjet MD16: Very good value for money

The ORAL-B Waterjet MD16 dental irrigator is a mid-range model from the leading American manufacturer, with an attractive price for its quality.

Braun-Oral-B’s Waterjet technology allows you to adapt pressure cleaning by single or multiple irrigations, depending on the intensity of the area to be sanitized.

In either of the 2 modes and for better control, you can choose up to 5 levels of water pressure intensity (1=gentle to 5=maximum intensity).

In multiple irrigations (or jet) mode, massaging the gums is also performed, promoting the elimination of food debris and bacteria while improving blood circulation in this delicate area.

It is highly recommended for oral cleanings with implants or false teeth, as well as for braces. It cleans powerfully yet reliably and without damaging orthodontics.

In addition to stimulating the gums, the Waterjet technology allows a refreshing cleaning of your mouth like few other models on the market are capable of.

The water tank is 0.6 liters, which is enough for standard cleaning.

It includes 4 bits as standard and a closed compartment for convenient storage.


  • Waterjet technology
  •  2 operating modes
  •  5 pressure levels
  •  4 nozzles included
  •  Closed compartment
  •  Gum massage
  •  Possibility of using a mouthwash
  •  Suitable for dental implants, crowns, etc., and tooth sensitivity.
  •  Tank capacity


  • The Water Flosser is perfect for sensitive teeth or gums, but some users may find the pressure insufficient.

How to use an ORAL B dental irrigator?

Using an Oral-B dental water flosser is extremely simple, but it can be a little tricky to figure out if you’ve never used one before. To help you, here’s how to use one in just a few steps:

Step 1

Choose the tip and insert it into the top of the handle. Fill the Water Flosser reservoir with water (preferably warm).

If you wish, you can add mouthwash to the same water tank (important: always after the water).

2nd step

Select the level of pressure you want (at Oral-B, there are usually 5).


Start cleaning with the minimum level (1) and especially if the water flosser is to be used by a child or if you suffer from gum disease, bleeding, etc.

Step 3

Stand over the sink (to prevent water from falling on the floor) and insert the nozzle into your mouth, but do not close it completely.

Press the start button on the handle, and the water will begin to come out under pressure. Direct the jet into the space between your teeth and molars. Then pass it over to the area where the gums and teeth meet. Back to the menu. ↑

Waterpik Or ORAL B Water Flossers?

The choice is complicated because both brands are among the most prestigious and recognized in the world of oral health and dental hygiene.

Dentists and orthodontists also recommend both.

Oral-B is a pioneer brand in dental hygiene devices (it invented the toothbrush), and, in the case of Waterpik ( see comparison ), it is a company more focused on water flossers and dental products for household use.

In our opinion, both Oral-B and Waterpik are good choices. The Waterpik brand seems to have semi-professional features, although Oral-B/Braun’s Oxyjet technology should consider.

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