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Test and Opinion: Dyson Supersonic, Hair dryer

With the release of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, the hair industry experienced a major upheaval. The brand’s foray into the beauty world immediately made noise thanks to its futuristic design and high-tech features such as the powerful digital motorintelligent heat regulation, and magnetic attachments. We’ve taken a closer look at the premium hair dryer in a hands-on test and will show you if Dyson is shaking up the beauty world.

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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, Iron/Fuchsia

Introducing the Dyson Supersonic: A premium hair dryer at a premium price

When Dyson launched the Supersonic hair dryer, the first thing that caught our eye was the sleek and futuristic design of the product. It was different from any other hair dryer. Right after, of course, the price also stood out. We initially needed clarification about whether the Dyson Supersonic’s capabilities justified its price. With a healthy dose of curiosity and some styling tests later, we can share our experiences with you and answer the question of whether the Dyson Supersonic is worth its price.

A unique technology

The technology of the Dyson Supersonic is simply impressive. The hair dryer measures the air temperature 40 times per second and regulates the temperature accordingly to ensure it doesn’t heat damage hair, meaning hair stays healthy and shiny when drying. Regular use.

The small and powerful Dyson V9 digital motor (1,600 watts) spins up to 110,000 rpm. Like other hair dryers, the Supersonic sucks in the air and blows it out. The deciding factor here is air multiplier technology. Using this technology, Dyson creates a powerful, targeted airflow that can be directed to the same part of your hair that needs to be styled. Everything is housed in a relatively small case (height 245 mm, length 97 mm, width 78 mm). With a weight of 630 grams, the hair dryer is certainly not heavy, but it is not much lighter than a conventional hair dryer.

Magnetic tips for every hair type

What makes styling even more efficient are the magnetic attachments that come with the Supersonic:

Smoothing tip

The smoothing nozzle provides smooth and wide airflow. The nozzle is used when you want to straighten your hair. The air is distributed gently and slowly, which makes the hair smooth and gives it a natural look.

Styling tip

The styling nozzle produces a precise and controlled flow of air which facilitates the shaping of the hair.


The diffuser distributes air evenly, simulating the natural drying of the air. This promotes the natural drying process, which reduces frizz and creates defined curls.

Mouthpiece for smooth airflow

This accessory is ideal for gentle and quick fine hair styling and sensitive scalps.

A heat-resistant non-slip mat and hanging loop are also included. In addition to the included attachments, Dyson offers other attachments, such as a wide-tooth comb for particularly frizzy and curly hair.

The Dyson Supersonic in practice

We were lucky enough to try the Dyson Supersonic on two different hair types.

One of our volunteer testers, a self-proclaimed newbie to the art of properly drying her curly hair, could completely straighten her hair using just her hands (no brush) with the Supersonic. The result: noticeably shinier, fuller locks. The large accessory worked great and quickly made her hair soft without too many passes. The drying time has been reduced by at least half compared to other hair dryers.

Let’s move on to fine hair. Because the Dyson hair dryer uses concentrated airflow without extreme heat, hair dries quickly, and damage is avoided. Like most hair dryers, the Supersonic has different heat settings that you can easily adjust on the back of the dryer. There are three buttons for heating, as well as a cooling function if you use a round brush, for example. The result was also convincing with fine hair. Not only did the hair dry quickly, but it was also wonderfully soft and had a natural shine. This is also where the advertised ionic technology comes in, which is supposed to protect the top layer of the hair structure and provide shine.


Both testers were thrilled not only with the result and the reduced drying time but also with the volume of the Dyson Supersonic. While the volume of many hair dryers hurts the ears after a while, the noise of the Supersonic is still pleasant. We can take this opportunity to take another look at the technology of the Supersonic.

Dyson did two things during development to keep the hair dryer’s noise level as low as possible. First of all, the motor of the Supersonic has a rubber suspension, thanks to which the vibrations between the motor and the handle are reduced. The second technical trick is more sophisticated. Dyson explains that the motor wheel has 13 rotor blades (instead of the usual 11). This gives the sound inside the motor a higher frequency which is no longer as audible to humans.

In addition, Dyson scores point with its compact shape so that the hairdryer not only fits perfectly in hand but can also be quickly stowed away or easily taken on the go. The cable is more generously dimensioned, with a length of 2.7 meters, than many competing products. In addition, the cable is coated with a special silicone layer, which should prevent annoying knots.

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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, Iron/Fuchsia

Conclusion: is the Dyson Supersonic worth its price?

Our answer is: yes. In the end, everyone has to decide individually whether it is worth it for him to buy such an expensive hair dryer. In the case of the Dyson Supersonic, you get a small revolution among hair dryers. Dyson has reinvented a product that has remained unchanged for decades.

But what does this mean in practice? This means the Dyson Supersonic is an incredibly compact and quiet hair dryer. Hair gets dry with just about any hair dryer. Still, here we’re dealing with a hair dryer that dries hair much faster, removes harmful heat, and is suitable for all hair types. On the other hand, we can also completely understand that a person buys a hair dryer for 40 euros at the electrical retailer of his choice because a higher investment is simply out of the question. However, if you decide to go for a higher investment, you can choose the Dyson Supersonic.

How To Use The Dyson Supersonic?

  1. To start with, before using the Dyson Supersonic, make sure your hair is detangled. 
  2.  This is optional, but you can apply a heat protectant to your hair.
  3.  Plug your Dyson Supersonic into the mains.
  4.  Set the temperature to the one you want and put the tip you are going to use on the head of the device.
  5.  Separate your hair into several parts if you use the straightening nozzle or the diffuser for an optimal result. Hold the device upright and point it toward your hair if you’re blow-drying.
  6.  Once all your hair is dry, you can unplug your device.
  7.  Again this is optional, but to close the cuticle of your hair, you can apply a leave-in conditioner or a restorative oil on your ends.

What Type Of Hair Is The Dyson Supersonic Compatible With?

Thanks to its innovative technology, which aims to preserve your hair as much as possible from the heat, the Dyson Supersonic is, therefore, a device compatible even with fine, damaged, and discolored hair. Its diffuser tip allows you to respect curly to wavy hair. When it comes to straight hair, even the thickest ones are tamed by the straightening attachment. 

Its low temperatures and many accessories make it possible to tame all hair types and lengths. Its high power guarantees an optimal result on thick hair, so it is suitable for everyone.

Is the drying time Shorter With The Dyson Supersonic?

The drying time with the Dyson Supersonic is about eight times faster than with a conventional hair dryer. It is significantly faster than a conventional hair dryer thanks to its powerful airflow.

Is It Worth Buying The Dyson Supersonic?

If you want faster drying than with a normal hair dryer, then yes, the Dyson Supersonic is worth it. In terms of heat, it is very interesting since it is the only device on the market to offer such protection without extreme temperatures while being the fastest and most efficient. 

Is It Worth Buying The Dyson Supersonic?

If you want faster drying than with a normal hair dryer, then yes, the Dyson Supersonic is worth it. In terms of heat, it is very interesting since it is the only device on the market to offer such protection without extreme temperatures while being the fastest and most efficient. 

So, its price makes it a luxury device, but it is a real investment. Also, consider the 2-year warranty on this hair dryer, so in the event of a problem, Dyson will take care of your device. 

What Makes The Dyson Supersonic Different From A Conventional Hair Dryer?

What differentiates the Dyson Supersonic from a lambda hair dryer is that this device has been able to combine speed, protection, and efficiency. It is eight times faster than a conventional hair dryer. It is a little heavier, but this difference is not felt in use, thanks to its ergonomic design. This is also less powerful but has an airflow that is more powerful, allowing it to be more efficient than the others.

It can also be used at lower temperatures than a normal hair dryer, allowing it to respect your hair fiber much better.

Does The Dyson Supersonic Damage Hair?

Any exposure of your hair to heat damages or weakens it. However, the purpose of this device is to fight against the exposure of your hair to extreme heat. It, therefore, damages your hair much less than other heating devices.

Dry gently and apply a heat protectant such as 240°C Protect from Syoss. It will create a barrier between the heat and your hair for maximum protection.

Is There A Cheaper Alternative To The Dyson Supersonic?

For those who don’t have the means or even the desire to invest so much in a hair dryer, please don’t panic, and we have found alternatives for you. The Flintronic is very similar in design to the Supersonic. It could be faster in terms of efficiency, but its 2000W power more than does the trick. Like the Supersonic, it has three nozzles, a diffuser, a styling nozzle and a soft air diffuser. Compared to the Dyson Supersonic, its price is ten times lower.

Which Dyson Hair Dryer To Choose?

Between the Dyson Airwrap and the Dyson Supersonic, you’ve probably already wondered which one to choose. If you are looking for a quick hair dryer, we recommend the Dyson Supersonic instead, whose primary purpose is to dry, unlike the Airwrap. 

The Airwrap is a multifunctional device that pre-drys, curls, and smoothes. It, therefore, has functionality that pre-drys. However, it is rough since the drying is finalized afterward by smoothing or curling the device. The Supersonic is designed to dry, making it a better hair dryer, even if the Airwrap is a very good device.

How Much Does A Dyson Supersonic Cost?

The Dyson site sells it at around €399, and its limited edition in red (same options, only the color changes) is displayed at around €429. Other resellers such as Amazon, Boulanger, or even Darty sometimes put promotions that can save you up to fifty euros. So be careful to monitor the possible reductions before investing in this device if you want to save on the initial price.

Where To Buy The Dyson Supersonic?

The Dyson Supersonic is available in household appliance stores such as Boulanger or Darty. You can find it in its different colors also on Amazon or Cdiscount. These two platforms have the advantage of seeing many promotions and reductions to offer to the buyer.

It is also possible to obtain a Dyson Supersonic via the brand’s website. It is displayed there at around 399€ that it is possible to pay in 4 installments free of charge. This option can be very convenient for those who cannot or do not want to pay such a large price in one go.

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