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GHD Curler: Comparison of the best models 2023, How to choose it?

GHD is a well-known brand of hair straighteners (see our comparison on hair straighteners), and the company also produces curlers. This post discusses the differences between the various GHD Curler models so you can choose the model that suits your needs.

GHD Curler: the best professional loopers?

All GHD models have all the technology and quality for which the brand is renowned:

  • Straighteners and curlers are programmed to operate at a constant, even temperature of 185ºC, which GHD says is ideal for styling hair without damaging it, thanks to its ultra-zone temperature control system, which constantly monitors the temperature thanks to its sensors to adapt at all times to the amount of hair you are styling and the styling speed.
  •  They also include a cold tip for easy handling of the curler.
  •  Swivel cord.
  •  Automatic shutdown system after 30 minutes of inactivity.
  •  Safety support to prevent the device from touching the surface where we leave it while we prepare each strand of hair to be styled.

Comparison of the best GHD curler

Each GHD curler is designed to create different types of curls and waves.

We have already warned you of their biggest drawback: the price. These are top-of-the-line curlers; in some cases, they are three times the price of the competition.

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1- GHD Curler Irons and Wands – Professional Curlers & Curling Hair Tools

It is the brand’s most versatile model.

The GHD Curve Creative Curl is designed to create soft waves thanks to its tapered barrel.

The difference in thickness from the base to the tip (28mm diameter at the base and 23mm at the tip) allows it to adapt to different hair lengths (the narrowest area for short hair) and the different types of curls you want to create.

2- Xtava Twist Curl Curling Wand – 1 to 1.5 Inch Professional Hair Wand with Ceramic Barrel Cool Tip Auto Shut Off

Xtava Twist Curl Curling Wand

Unlike the Creative, the Xtava Twist Curl Curling Wand does not allow any variation in the type of loop.

However, it’s ideal if you want classic, soft curls, especially if technological innovation isn’t your thing.

Suitable for medium and long hair.

3- GHD Curve Soft Curl – Professional Curlers & Curling Hair Tools

GHD Curve Soft Curl

The Soft Curl has the largest diameter (32mm).

The GHD Curve Soft Curl is specially designed to achieve open curls or big, tight curls. Due to its larger diameter, it is only suitable for long hair.

If you have short hair, this model is NOT for you. It’s the least versatile.

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4- GHD Curve Classic Curl – Professional Curlers

GHD Curve Classic Curl

This model is the looper with the smallest diameter (26 mm).

If you are looking for tighter or medium curls, the GHD Curve Classic Curl is the model for you.

It is ideal for short hair, as it will allow you to curl more hair, but it is also suitable for long hair, making a ring curl.

Our opinion on the GHD curler

As we said, all GHD curlers are of excellent quality, but each model is specific depending on your hair type and the type of curls or waves you want.

They have no major flaws, except, as we said, their high prices, which are around 150-200 euros.

We hope this post has been helpful. If so, or if you have any questions, leave us a comment below.

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What Is A Curling Iron?

A curling iron is a heated hair tool for creating different curls and waves. There are several technologies (steam, automatic, ionic) and a wide choice of forms. Tight, wide, wavy curls, mermaid hair, or even crimped hair are possible with curling irons. 

It is not recommended to use it too frequently, and it is possible to recreate curls with tips without a curling iron for more resistance to heat. Among them, we find curlers, the technique of rolling your hair on itself, etc. But the best hold for curls is without hesitation attributed to the curling iron.

What Hairspray To Use To Fix The Curls In Your Hair?

To fix your curls and keep them as long as possible, we recommend applying hairspray. It would be a shame to have taken so long to curl your hair for your curls to be undone. To choose the right one, we have selected some for you.

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Does A Curling Iron Damage The Hair?

A curling iron, if used too often in intense heat and without protection, can damage your hair. To avoid this, we recommend using a thermo-protective spray before each use of your iron. Choose the right heating temperature to be compatible with your hair type. And above all, choose an iron with a coating adapted to your hair fiber.

Only real protection for your hair, and do not use your curling iron too often. It remains exposed to high heat for your hair.

What Type Of Curling Iron For A Wavy Effect?

For a very trendy wavy effect, opt for a conical curling iron. Its shape will give a very natural result, so you can also have star hair.

What Is The Best Type Of Curling Iron For Short Hair?

Straightener for short hair and optimal results, cylindrical curling irons with a small diameter, such as the Babyliss Curling Wang 10mm. They will have an adapted heat that will not burn your scalp and allow you to have well-pronounced curls, especially those that do not break.

Can You Use A Curling Iron On Wet Hair?

NOPE! This is a mistake not to make. It’s the same for the straightener. It would help if you did not use these devices on wet hair because it could burn and burst your hair fiber. Indeed, the contact of the heat of the iron on your wet hair creates a harmful vapor that promotes the dehydration of your hair.

The only exception to the rule is the Dyson Airwrap and its technology, which creates curls on damp hair by diffusing hot air into a cylinder. On contact with it, the lock of hair rolls up and keeps the shape of the cylinder. 

Can You Make Curls Without A Curling Iron?

Yes, it is possible to make loops without a looper. With the use of heat, you can achieve curls with your straightener by tilting it over your strand while gliding the iron. Always with heat, it is possible to use heated curlers, allowing you to obtain tight curls. 

As an option without heat, traditional curlers and techniques, such as braids on wet hair, create pretty waves. You will find many tutorials and alternatives on the internet.

Where To Buy A Curling Iron?

You can get a curling iron in stores specializing in hairdressing, such as Bleu Libellule or La Boutique du Coiffure. They are also present in household appliance stores such as Darty or Boulanger, but also in the household appliance section of your supermarket. You will also find all your favorite curling iron models on the internet via platforms like Amazon or Cdiscount, which will have the advantage of regularly offering interesting offers and promotions.

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