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The best hair straighteners for men in 2023: Comparison

Best hair straightener for men are you looking for these? A few years ago, few men used hair styling tools other than the hair dryer. Today, however, they are more and more interested in getting the hairstyle they love without going to the hairdresser. In this article, we bring you the best hair straighteners for men so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

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For short hair, the most common haircut for men, it is important to ensure that the plates are narrower than usual. Ideally, less than 1.5 cm (2.5 cm is the norm) to cover as much hair as possible.

Few straighteners on the market meet this requirement and are interesting since most are intended for women (with longer hair and, therefore, wider plates) or are of very bad quality. In this article, we review the top 3.

Hair straightener for men: best models comparison

1- Ghd Mini Professional Styler

GHD Mini Styler: The best hair straightener for short hair

Although much more expensive, this GHD model is far superior to the previous ones. The Mini Styler offers the quality of one of the most prestigious brands on the market but is adapted to the needs of men or people with short hair.

The width of its plates (1.27 cm) is specially designed for this purpose. With just one or two passes, you can easily straighten any strand of hair, and with the right technique, you can also create waves thanks to the rounded edges.

The plates are tiltable and ceramic, allowing you to glide smoothly and minimizing the mess as much as possible.

Its sensors keep the temperature constant at 185ºC. This is the optimum temperature to avoid damaging the hair and to achieve the desired results.

Of course, it has an automatic shutdown after 30 minutes of inactivity. You can travel everywhere thanks to its universal voltage, and it also has a very long swivel cord, making it easy to handle during use.

As we have already pointed out, the only downside is its price: the brand’s quality is undeniable, but it is still a high-end model, which is therefore not suitable for all budgets.


  • Ceramic plates
  •  Constant temperature probe (185ºC)
  •  Rounded edges for waves and curls
  •  Plate protector included
  •  Very good quality and durability


  • High price
  •  No case included

2- XNUOYO straightener: A cheap hair straightener for men (no longer on sale)

Very few straighteners with such narrow plates meet all the other requirements we ask of a good cheap hair straightener for men. This is why this XNUOYO straightener has reached this position in our ranking, even though it is quite unknown.

Its plates are the narrowest of our selection; they measure only 0.7 centimeters. This will make styling very short hair much easier, allowing you to reach the hairline and even, if that is your goal, to shape long beards.

The plates are made of ceramic, an ideal material to avoid burning your hair. This straightener also has five temperature settings, from 150°C to 232°C, so you can select the heat that best suits your needs. As a precaution, always start with the lowest possible heat setting and stop at the lowest temperature setting to achieve the desired result without too many passes.

You can travel with it in any country thanks to its universal voltage.

The tilting plates and rounded edges allow for greater styling versatility, whether you want to straighten or wave your hair.

The biggest drawback of this model is that the plates only have a ceramic-tourmaline coating. They are not entirely made of ceramic tourmaline and could wear out with use. The case material isn’t very high quality either (more like plastic), but as we said, for the price, this is one of the best straightener options for men.

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  • Price
  •  Ideal for very short hair
  •  Temperature controller (150-232ºC)
  •  Rounded edges for waves and curls


  • Upgradable qualities
  •  Plate, not 100% ceramic-tourmaline

3- Kipozi Mini: An entry-level men’s straightener (no longer for sale)

In addition to being an economical option, this Kipozi Mini straightener meets the other essential requirement for styling men’s hairits narrow plates (1.3 cm), making it ideal for short hair.

The material the plates are coated with, titanium, is a very durable material that aids in even temperature distribution. The biggest problem is that they are not made entirely of titanium, and with use, the coating could wear off and expose your hair to other materials that are more damaging to it.

However, it is a very cheap straightener; therefore, you should not expect the quality of a professional straightener.

On the other hand, this model has only one temperature setting (200º), which can be a little high for fine or damaged hair, but it allows you to obtain the results you expect.

In addition, it will be more difficult to have great precision with this iron since it does not incorporate floating plates, and its handling can be uncomfortable since it does not have a rotating cable.


  • Price
  •  Rounded edges for waves and curls
  •  Storage pouch (non-thermal)


  • Titanium coating (not full titanium)
  •  No floating plates
  •  No automatic safety shutdown
  •  High and stable temperature (200º)
  •  No rotating cable

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