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The Best Floor Cleaning Robot Vacuums of 2023 tested and Rated | Robot Vacuums Buying Guide

According to our testing of top models from several brands, these are the best floor-cleaning Robot Vacuums. Best vacuum robots offer unsupervised and thoroughly cleaned and replaced cordless vacuums. There are many robot vacuum machines out there. The best can provide good performance. It can remove dirt, and pet hair, and clean windows, and crumbs in an easy sweep. The company can also navigate confined areas, effectively cover all floors and prevent no-go areas.

How to choose your robot vacuum cleaner? What makes them different from traditional Best Floor Cleaning Robot Vacuums? What are the best models of the moment? All the answers to your questions are below!

The most important things to consider before choosing your robot vacuum cleaner are.

Battery life

The battery life should match the cleaning area you want to cover so that the robot can perform its duties smoothly.

Low Height Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Smaller Best Floor Cleaning Robot Vacuums are better able to squeeze under furniture, but their reach and ability to move are generally more limited.

Robot vacuum mapping

Best Floor Cleaning Robot Vacuums with sensors and GPS locators map rooms and creates custom cleaning patterns to ensure they can reach every corner.

Suction capacity

The capacity of the tanks (water/dirt) must be adapted to the type of cleaning and the size of the surface you wish to treat.

The 3 best selling floor cleaning robots of the week

Comparison of the Best Floor Cleaning Robot Vacuums

1- Robot Vacuum and Mop, LiDAR Navigation

360 S8 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, The Best Floor Cleaning Robot Vacuum

The 360 S8 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has a brush for each type of cleaning. With its three roller options and two mop options, you are covered for cleaning in all circumstances: houses with animals, parquet, hard floors, and carpets.

The customization, coupled with the power of up to 2700Pa, the highest of the models I have purchased, is the secret to high-level results. It is also true that in terms of price, this robot plays in another league: we exceed the barrier of 400 dollars.

It’s an alternative for those who don’t want to omit anything. In addition to its versatility and power, the X-Plorer is an intelligent device that maps every room in the house, combining LDS laser technology and high-precision sensors to calculate distances and avoid collisions or falls. A true explorer!

With this robot, I was able to control every detail. As a vacuum cleaner, it includes 4 operating modes (quiet, standard, maximum, and boost), with automatic carpet detection. This robot allows electronic control of the Mop to avoid traces of humidity.

Important Points:

  • Intelligent laser navigation with a time-of-flight sensor for greater precision in location and movements.
  •  SmartAqua Force technology with back-and-forth movements while brushing.
  •  A 0.5L solids tank and a 0.2L liquid tank.
  •  Synchronization with home voice assistants.
  •  Dimensions 49 x 35 x 15.8 cm and weight 5.86 kg.


  • High suction power (up to 12,000 Pa)
  •  Long battery life (225 minutes)
  •  2 side brushes
  •  Hepa-filter
  •  High-efficiency laser mapping


  • Limited liquid tank (0.2 L)
  •  High price

2- Roborock S5 MAX Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum

Roborock S5 Max: Robot with laser technology, smart charging, and a peristaltic water pump

Most robot vacuums and mops need some help working with water. In the case of the Roborock S5 Max, this is precisely its strong point.

This model is for you if you are particularly concerned about achieving a good cleaning result. Compared to the flow control systems used by the other vacuums in this review, the S5 Max uses a peristaltic pump, which is more efficient, precise, and durable than conventional pumps.

It uses just the right amount of liquid. Plus, it exerts 300g of pressure while sweeping, which is crucial to tackling the toughest dirt and grime.

The water tank is 0.29 litres. It’s not the biggest, but since you can schedule cleaning by room thanks to its advanced laser mapping system, that’s not much of an issue.

On the suction side, the capacity is higher. The 0.46-litre tank is sufficient for regular cleaning. The suction power averages 2,000 Pa and automatically activates the Turbo function when vacuuming carpets.

It is unique because it is an intelligent charging vacuum cleaner: when the battery runs out, it returns to the charging base and starts again as soon as it detects that it has enough power to finish what it has to do.

The price of the S5 Max (around 400 euros) is relatively high compared to other models we will review, but it is a significant improvement over its predecessor, the S5. You can save a few bucks with the S6 Pure version but at the cost of sacrificing a bit of tank capacity and suction power.

Important Points:

  • Smooth and efficient navigation thanks to the combination of 14 sensors (laser, infrared, gyroscopes, accelerometer, fall sensors, odometer, etc.).
  •  Multi-level mapping system with LiDAR scanning that recognizes different levels of the house.
  •  Control of operations by voice assistant.


  • Smart charging
  •  Charge/resume function
  •  High-sensitivity laser mapping
  •  Maximum precision in water flow control
  •  300g pressure while cleaning
  •  HEPA filter


  • Single side brush
  •  High price

3- Dreametech D9 Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner

Dreame is a sub-brand of Xiaomi that includes models of robot vacuums and floor cleaners that, in some cases, exceed the performance of the base brand. The Dreame D9 robot is a good example.

The first thing that stands out from its design is the turret at the top. This is a common characteristic of robots that perform laser mapping, as is the case here. A much more fluid and precise navigation mode allow the equipment to reach every corner of the house, tracing very efficient work routes.

Its 5,200 mAh lithium-ion battery can run for up to 150 minutes, which sets it apart in this comparison. Also, when it runs out of juice, it returns to the charging base and picks up where it left off.

Speaking of power, its 3000Pa suction power is also remarkable, above the average of most Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners, especially those in the $250-$300 price range.

When dealing with dirt, its large (0.57 litre) dust bin, high-efficiency filter, and antibacterial Mop are particularly impressive. It is a useful little device for households with allergy sufferers (see also: vacuum cleaners for allergy sufferers ).

The position of the 0.27-litre tank is the same, and it also offers control of the water used via the app. But while he uses a reasonably practical microfiber mop, he struggles a little with the stricter stains on the floor.

Important Points:

  • Visual-SLAM technology interprets and remembers the layout of your home to optimize automatic cleaning.
  •  Frequent OTA updates keep your robot getting more intelligent and more innovative.
  •  Connect it to the voice assistants you have at home.
  •  Automatically increases suction to maximum when it detects a carpet in its path.


  • Autonomy up to 150 minutes
  •  Charge and resume function
  •  High-sensitivity LDS laser mapping
  •  High suction power (3000 Pa)
  •  Antibacterial Mop and high-efficiency filter


  • Too powerful for cleaning light or fringed carpets
  •  WiFi connection and sync issues
  •  Only one side brush

4- Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Robot Mop, Visual Navigation System

XIAOMI MI Robot Vacuum and Mop: The Best Precision Robot Vacuum and Floor Cleaner

Although it is one of the cheapest models from Xiaomi, from a functional point of view, there are a few things that the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum 1C robot vacuum cleaner lacks. It vacuums, mops and scrubs the floor for less than 250 euros and uses navigation technologies that have nothing to envy with more expensive models.

ElvSLAM is an algorithm built into the 4-core processor. The brains behind the multiple sensors and the wide-angle camera allow the device to move around your home in the most efficient way at all times.

His knowledge of the house is stored to create maps of the space and where exactly he stopped cleaning when the battery ran out. Once it is fully charged, it will pick up where it left off.

It is true that it only has one side brush, while other models usually have two. But it’s a defect compensated by its 2,500 Pa of suction (including turbo mode) and its 0.6-litre dry tank.

The water tank is a little more limited only 0.2 litres.

The most similar Vacuum 1C alternatives in terms of price and functionality are presented under the umbrella of Roborock, a Xiaomi manufacturer with its distribution. Models such as the Roborock E4 and Roborock E5 have many similarities in navigation, including improvements in range, capacity, and movement speed.


  • High-efficiency filter
  •  Charge/resume function
  •  Efficient mapping system (non-laser)
  •  Large dry tank (0.6 L)


  • Single side brush
  •  Autonomy of 90 minutes
  •  Magnetic strips not included
  •  Limited water tank (0.2 L)
  •  No special brushes or additional accessories

5- Robot Vacuum and Mop, Tikom G8000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 

Tikom G8000 Robot Vacuum: The best robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner in terms of price-performance ratio

Do you have pets at home? The Tikom G8000 seems to be a highly recommendable option if you have to deal with pet fluff daily (see also: special vacuum cleaners for animals ). Its special BestFriend Care brush and suction power of up to 2700 Pa form a good work team. Its the best pet hair vacuum cleaner.

The air sucked in passes through two high-efficiency filters to be expelled entirely free of allergens.

In terms of performance, that’s okay for a robot vacuum that scrubs and vacuums for under $250. Although I found some limitations: on tiled floors, it doesn’t react as well as on other surfaces, and the water flow control is only sometimes wholly effective, although you can adjust it from the ‘application.

The robot uses the intelligent and predictive iTech SmartGyro Eye system for navigation in both functions. The device does not memorize cleaning maps but always takes the most efficient path, avoiding bumps and falls.

The Tikom G8000 includes all the brand’s standard brushes: the Jalisco for the finest dust, the BestFriend for pets, and the BrushPro central brush for all surfaces.

For a slightly higher price, Cecotec offers better-equipped models like the Conga 4690 or the Conga 6090. The difference is less than 100 euros, and in return, you get a vacuum cleaner with the possibility of restricted areas and card storage or cleaning plans.

Important Points:

  • The engine’s Only Silence technology allows it to operate with noise emissions below 64 dB.
  •  Its 10 cleaning modes cover all the needs of the most demanding households.
  •  It incorporates the Immortal Battery system, which guarantees an average autonomy of 160 minutes.
  •  Synchronizes with the leading voice assistants on the market.
  •  Turbo Clean Carpet automatically starts when it detects heavily soiled carpets.
  •  Dimensions of 34 x 34 x 9.5 cm and weight of 4 kg.


  • Includes pet brush and fine dusting brush
  •  Efficient optical mapping system (non-laser)
  •  High-efficiency filter
  •  Double side brush
  •  Load/resume function


  • Does not memorize maps or cleaning plans
  •  The scrubbing function could be improved
  •  Sync issues with the app

6- Proscenic 850T Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 3-in-1 Robot Vacuum, and Mop, 

Proscenic 850T robot floor cleaner: A cheap robot vacuum and floor cleaner with large tanks

Taiwanese firm Proscenic raises the bar on its more straightforward offerings by offering mid-range features at a very reasonable price. The Proscenic 830T costs around 200 euros and is surprising with its characteristics typical of much more expensive robots.

For starters, it has a maximum suction of 3000 Pa, with which it can tackle even the most stubborn dirt and lint effortlessly. Few other devices in this price range have such high power. It even has VBoost technology that lets it know when to work harder when vacuuming the carpet.

This also offers good performance in terms of battery life. It can clean for 2 hours on a full charge, which is perfect for a large house. The downside is that if it runs out of charge before completing the task, it will only be able to remember where it left off when it becomes available again.

You definitely won’t have to worry about emptying the tank during a cleaning session. The solids tank alone has a capacity of 0.5 liters, while the water tank for washing has a capacity of 0.3. From the app, you can choose how much water you want to use during the process, which is generally reserved for higher ranges.

The Proscenic brand offers other mid-range vacuum cleaner models similar to this one, such as the Proscenic 820S and the 830T, which also navigates through a gyroscope system. At the top of the range, you’ll find models such as the M6, M7, and M8 PRO, all capable of LiDAR laser mapping.

Important Points:

  • Includes a magnetic strip to create exclusion zones: the robot will not pass through during its journey.
  •  There are three cleaning modes: automatic, edge/corner, and spot cleaning.
  •  Navigation via the IPNAS 2.0 system combines the use of gyroscopes and sensors.
  •  Intelligent control via an app that syncs with voice assistants.
  •  Dimensions 32.5 x 32.5 x 7.3 cm and but 2.5 kg.


  • HEPA filter
  •  Good tank capacity
  •  2 side brushes
  •  Adjustable water flow
  •  Suction power: 3,000 Pa
  •  Includes magnetic strip


  • WiFi network connection problems
  •  No download and resume function
  •  No mapping only uses bright trajectories

Guide to Choosing the right Floor Cleaning robot vacuum cleaner

Household cleaning routines require a significant investment of time. Fortunately, advances in technology allow us to lead increasingly comfortable lives. An example of this is the robot vacuum cleaner, ash cleaner, and dust cleaner.

Still, trying to decide which robot vacuum to buy? The important thing is to find the model that suits the characteristics of your home. In this short guide, I’ve put together some basics to help you make the right choice.

Different types of navigation: mapped or unmapped?

Many buyers are obsessed with the mapping function and a laser tool. Robot, indeed, vacuums that scrub and vacuum may offer more configuration options and gain more knowledge as they clean, but other vacuums are okay!

Each brand uses its navigation system. With more or less success, they will find their way into the rooms of your home, taking care not to leave any corner behind them.

Cleaning based on memorized maps of the house allows the device to move faster, or you can schedule the cleaning of certain rooms independently. But a robot without mapping, with a sound system of intelligent trajectories, can also do its job very well. Not to mention that they are much cheaper.

How intelligent should the vacuum and floor cleaning robot be?

For starters, the more features you introduce, the higher the device’s price. And to continue, do you really need the most advanced equipment in your home?

Organize your priorities. For me, the most critical functions are that it picks up where it left off before returning to the charging base, recognizes carpet suction, automatically activates maximum power, and controls the flow rate of water so as not to end up with very wet areas during cleaning.

Advantages of automated programs

Most robot vacuums on the market today are controlled by an app installed on your cell phone. They are also generally compatible with voice assistants such as Alexa, Google, and Siri.

Fans of technology and gadgets will appreciate the configuration possibilities offered by these applications: see the cleaned surfaces, create invisible walls, and schedule cleanings. In practice, in the end, you will always use the same options.

In this sense, investing in a robot that includes different preconfigured cleaning programs is much more enjoyable. You’ll save time setting up a cleaning routine at home and get virtually the same results.

Minimum specs for Best Floor Cleaning Robot Vacuums

For an average-sized apartment with pets, I recommend opting for a robotic vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner with a HEPA filter and an antibacterial mop, with a suction capacity of at least 2500 Pa and a solids and water tank of 0.5 and 0.3 litres, respectively.

Do not neglect the autonomy of the device either.

If you plan to do room-by-room cleaning every other day, 90 minutes is plenty. If you want to clean the whole house in a row several times a week, you will need at least a vacuum cleaner with a 120-minute run time.

What are the Best Floor Cleaning Robot Vacuums?

Among the models analyzed in this article, the best robot vacuum cleaner 2023 is the Rowenta X-plorer 95 series for its significant autonomy, power, and precision.

What is the best Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner?

The most advanced and efficient robot vacuum to date is the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum 1c, one of the market’s most precise and efficient robot vacuum cleaners.

What does the LIDL floor cleaning robot vacuum cleaner look like?

The LIDL floor cleaning robot vacuum cleaner is a basic model with just enough suction power and could be more efficient because it does not carry out a house map. It has a capacity of 1200Pa and is suitable for all floors. The most interesting is its price of 130 euros, although there are equally or more exciting alternatives in this range.

What are the Rowenta robot vacuum cleaners?

Rowenta’s robot vacuum cleaners are from the X-plorer range, ranging from basic models like the X-plorer 50 to the more advanced 95 series like the one we’ve reviewed in this article.

What are Roomba robot vacuum cleaners?

The Roomba robot vacuum cleaner is the Roomba Combo, a model with 0.45L+0.3L, 100 minutes of autonomy, and Dirt-Detect technology to detect dirt. However, it does not memorize maps or have a HEPA filter.

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