5 best good and cheap mattresses of 2023 Comparison

How to choose a cheap mattress? What are the excellent beds of the moment? All the answers to your questions are below.

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What to consider before choosing your mattress

To make your choice, you must first know the sleeper’s weight. The heavier the sleeper, the firmer the mattress will be. To give you a reference, a person under 70 kg should avoid high-firmness beds, and someone over 90 kg should avoid low-firmness mattresses.

If you sleep with someone else, pay attention to the independence of the bed and the absorption of movement. Otherwise, the mattress will move and disturb the other person.

If you tend to sleep on your back, you can choose between a medium or high-firmness mattress, but if you sleep on your side or your stomach, a medium-firmness bed is more suitable.

The length of the mattress should be 10-15 cm longer than the sleeper’s height. This rule applies to the taller person if you sleep with a partner.

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The three best-selling cheap prices of the week

Comparison of the best good and cheap mattresses

Queen Size Mattress, Avenco Hybrid Queen Mattress in a Box, 10 Inch Pocket Spring and Gel Memory Foam Mattress Queen,

Avenco: The best cheap mattress Perfect option if you have back problems

In the field of beds, as in everything else, the best ones are generally expensive, although I sincerely believe that these high prices are not justified in some cases, since there are alternatives such as the Avenco, a mattress of excellent quality.

The manufacturer of this mattress offers, which gives you an idea of ​​its quality. It is made of 4 different layers (viscoelastic gel foam, comfort foam, breathable high-density foam, and high-density base support foam), all certified CertiPUR-US, which guarantees the quality of the materials and the absence of dangerous components or toxic, such as formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, etc. I also want to point out that the cover is machine washable and has four handles to help you turn it over.

I was very impressed with how it molds to your body shape; whether you are a back, stomach, or side sleeper, it molds to your body without sinking, and the support is even and pressure-relieving, so it’s ideal if you have back problems.

The only thing that could be improved in this mattress is that there are fewer sizes available than in other models.


  • High-quality materials and stitching
  •  Removable and washable cover
  •  Great adaptability
  •  Ten-year warranty and 100-day trial period


  • Only six sizes are available
  •  Step summer-winter side

Twin Mattress, Novilla 10-inch Gel Memory Foam Twin Size Mattress for Cool Sleep & Pressure Relief,

Novilla: A good and cheap mattress that is also environmentally friendly

Novilla mattresses are made with environmentally friendly materials.

This mattress is made with a combination of 3 materials that the manufacturer calls Acuapur (high recovery polyurethane foam), Innogel (viscoelastic with gel particles that provide freshness), and Stretch Luxe fabric (an elastic and soft fabric that ensures the independence of the beds).

The Restbed is a quality mattress at a reasonable price, it can be a little hard the first two or three nights of use, but after this period of adaptation, it is very comfortable and cozy.


  • Good firmness and support for the spine
  •  Great adaptability
  •  Cool and breathable


  • It can be a bit harsh for the first 2-3 nights
  •  The height of the mattress may vary by 1 to 2 cm from what is indicated.

Milliard Memory Foam Mattress 10-inch Firm, Bed-in-a-Box/Pressure Relieving,

Milliard: A firm memory foam mattress, a very good option for heavy people at a reasonable price

It is a Spanish manufacturer, and Milliard is one of the best-selling mattresses on the market.

This mattress is a perfect option if you want to spend less and are looking for a firm mattress since its core is made of Eliocel foam, which is much better and has a higher density than traditional polyurethane mattresses.

The foam in this mattress is HR (high resilience or density) with a thickness of 30 kg/m3 and open pores, which allows air to circulate to improve breathability. This means that it is a mattress that can withstand heavy weights without deforming excessively and prevents you from sweating thanks to the open pores, the 3D fabric (used in sportswear) on the sides, and the Stretch fabric (breathable) present in the outer layers.

It should be noted that this is not a viscoelastic mattress, although it does have a small 2-centimeter layer of viscoelastic on one side to adapt to the spine area and provide softness and comfort.

Tip: As it has only one layer of viscoelastic, this model should not be turned over, although it is advisable to turn it over every 3 or 4 months to prolong its life.

This model is a good option if you’re a back or side sleeper, but can be a little uncomfortable if you’re a stomach sleeper. Suppose you are heavy or like to sleep on a firm mattress.

We found this mattress very interesting because you can buy it in many different sizes. It is also suitable for all types of bases, including box springs. What we didn’t like was that the covers weren’t removable. We, therefore, recommend that you purchase a surface with the mattress.


  • Good prices
  •  Several sizes available
  •  Optimal adaptability
  •  A good option for heavy people (+90kg)


  • One-sided viscoelastic

Zinus 10 Inch Tight Top Spring Mattress/Innerspring Mattress/CertiPUR-

Zinus: A pocket spring mattress, of medium firmness and very popular with users

It is the online retail giant’s product line, and this mattress is one of the top sellers on their platform.

This mattress has seven zones of 30Kg/m3 HR (high resilience) foam and 25Kg/m3 polyurethane foam, and this mixture of hardness makes it possible to adapt to the body regardless of the person’s weight.

The interior comprises pocket springs (an evolution of traditional springs in which the springs are individually wrapped in bags. This system improves the durability and independence of the beds because the springs are evenly distributed without deflecting.

It is compatible with sofa and bed bases of all types except articulated bases.

Although the price is very affordable, it is a durable and quality mattress. It also includes a removable, machine-washable dust mite cover.


  • Breathable
  •  Choice of different firmnesses
  •  Washable cover included


  • Materials could be improved

BedStory 3 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper,

BedStory: A medium-firm mattress with great adaptability and two sides for winter/summer

The BedStory is a mattress made in Spain with an excellent quality-price ratio.

It has two sides, one designed for winter with 3 cm of soft viscoelastic and TNR fabric (which provides warmth) and another very suitable for summer, with a 3D gel fabric that creates a microlayer of air between the mattress and the skin to improve breathability.

The core is made of Eliocel HR, a high-density foam that provides firmness and which, after being subjected to pressure, quickly returns to its initial state. For this reason, the Dormio is a very adjustable mattress, ideal for people with neck or back problems who need firmness without sacrificing comfort.

As for the finish, the seams are solid and well-made.

It regulates the temperature well and can be placed on a box spring, a bed base, and an upholstered base. As for sizes, there are over 30 to choose from, and I suggest you choose the largest size that fits the ground, as this mattress tends to warp at the edges over time.


  • Good balance between firmness and adaptability
  •  Winter and summer side
  •  Strong seams
  •  A wide range of sizes to choose from


  • Edges warp over time.

Guide to choosing the right mattress

As you can imagine, to achieve this goal, the mattress becomes an essential element.

We realize that choosing the right mattress can take time and effort with the wide range of available beds.

To make it easier for you, we provide a guide with the most important aspects to consider when buying this product for your personal rest.

How do you choose cheap mattresses that suit your needs and preferences?

If you wake up tired and restless, with muscle aches, or if you wake up frequently during the night, it might be time to consider changing your mattress to address these issues. But of course, this is only possible if you choose the right product.

Don’t worry. To help you make the right choice, here are the essential points to consider:

  • Cut
  •  Support
  •  Firmness
  •  Comfort

Let’s take a closer look at all these points!


For optimal sleep, the mattress’s width and length are matters you should keep in mind, especially if you sleep with someone else. The mattress purchase should be based on your countenance; generally, the length should be 10-15 cm longer than your height. In the case of a mattress for a double bed, the reference will be that of the tallest person.

As for the width, it depends on the number of people sleeping in it. Let’s look at the most common sizes for single and double beds.

  • Single mattress: The standard and most recommended size for single mattresses is 90×190 cm. Unless your weight exceeds 100 kg or your height does not allow the 10/15 cm margin that the mattress must have, this width will be sufficient for you to rest properly. However, be aware that there are also single mattresses of 80, 105, and 120 cm, so it will be easy for you to choose according to the space available or your physical conditions.
  •  Double mattress: Double mattresses are also available in different sizes:
  •  Width: 130, 140, 150, and 160 cm. The recommended width is 150 cm, as they are wide enough to allow a good rest without invading the other person’s space.
  •  Length: 180, 190, and 200 cm. As for the single mattresses is 190 cm, but if you need a particular measurement and have enough space in the bedroom, you can always opt for a king-size bed (200×200 cm ), the most significant size currently on the market.

We must consider that our body has curves and in order not to wake up with back or lumbar pain, the mattress must be able to adapt to it; that is, it must provide proper support to the whole body.

A mattress that is too hard does not allow the spine to stay straight because the hips and shoulders would be raised.

A mattress that is too soft also does not allow you to adopt the correct position because it would be like sleeping in a hammock. It is recommended that the mattress you choose balances your body weight.


It is common to confuse support with firmness, but these concepts are very different. Authorization refers to the correct position of the body during sleep, while firmness relates to comfort. Firmness refers to the softness or hardness of the mattress and is the most challenging criterion to define.

The right degree of firmness can vary greatly from person to person because, in addition to being a very subjective idea subject to very personal tastes, to choose the right degree of firmness, you must take into account factors such as your weight, your height and the position in which you sleep.


The comfort or feeling of well-being provided by a mattress is the sum of the three previous points. If it’s not firm enough, it can pinch the nerve or cut off your blood flow, causing you to wake up often with a tingling sensation.

Likewise, if you change positions frequently and the mattress does not adapt to your posture, sleep may be interrupted, and you may not reach the REM stage, which is the deepest phase of sleep, so you wake up tired even though you have had enough sleep.

For those who do not want a lot of complications, they can always opt for the so-called universal comfort mattresses. They are mattresses with a single level of firmness. Still, thanks to their structure and design, they can offer (regardless of physical constitution or sleeping position) an excellent level of comfort for all types of people.

Types of mattresses according to the material they are made of

Now that you know the main characteristics of a mattress to give you the best rest. Let’s look at the most commercially available beds according to their material.

Latex mattress

Latex is an elastic material obtained from rubber resin. For the production of mattresses, both natural and synthetic latex or a mixture of both are used. Depending on the type of latex used and the maintenance provided, the average lifespan of these mattresses can be between 8 and 10 years.

Latex mattresses are characterized by a high degree of elasticity and a medium/high degree of firmness, which gives them remarkable resilience and resistance to deformation due to weight. This elasticity also makes them adaptable to the body, providing optimal body support.

Spring mattress

This type of mattress is the most durable. They have a spring structure covered with different layers of fabric. Depending on the shape of this structure and the quality of the materials used to cover it (latex, cotton, synthetic, viscoelastic, etc.), the price, adaptability, and well-being they offer vary. In general, they are characterized by good breathability and a high degree of firmness, although they can be a bit harsh for many people.

Depending on the configuration of the spring structure, we can find different types of cheap mattresses:

  • Biconical springs: These are the traditional spring mattresses. Their structure is made up of independent springs; they offer medium firmness and are the ones that provide the best support to the body. In their range, they are the most affordable.
  •  Continuous wire springs: This type of mattress has springs connected by a single steel wire, which gives it extra consistency and firmness. They offer greater flexibility than biconical springs and distribute body weight better.
  •  Pocket springs: These mattresses are made up of hundreds of independent springs, each inside a bag, and all of these bags are sewn together. This structure avoids the noise this type of mattress produces during movement since the springs do not rub against each other. They also offer firmness, making them the ideal beds for overweight people.
Viscoelastic mattress

This type of material has the particularity of reacting to body heat, so its firmness is variable, that is, it offers medium firmness in summer and slightly higher firmness in winter.

This characteristic gives it the property of evenly distributing the entire body’s weight without exerting pressure on a particular point. Another advantage is that it can absorb movement, which makes it an attractive option for a double bed. The lifespan of these mattresses is about ten years.

If you choose a viscoelastic mattress, there are two types:

  • Molded viscoelastic: its foam core is covered with a viscoelastic layer. The comfort and adaptability offered will depend on the thickness of this layer and, of course, the price.
  •  Viscoelastic foam: They have a more porous and less consistent core than the previous model. Therefore, their firmness is somewhat lower. On the other hand, they offer excellent breathability. So if you are very hot they can become a quality and slightly cheaper alternative.

Personal factors to consider when choosing cheap mattresses

Before looking for a mattress, you should consider a series of personal factors that will help define and narrow down your buying options. Let’s see what these factors are!

sleeping position

The position in which you sleep is an essential aspect in deciding the degree of firmness of the mattress. This measurement is represented on a scale of 1 to 10, with one being the softest and ten being the firmest.


  • On the back: If this is your sleeping position, choose a mattress that helps you prevent a wrong part of the spine; a medium firmness (between 4 and 7) is the most recommended.
  •  On the side: In this case, you must opt ​​for a medium firmness mattress (between 3 and 6) because they are the ones that best adapt to the shape of your body.
  •  On the stomach: If you adopt this position, it is advisable to choose a mattress with a level of firmness between 5 and 7, as this will avoid the wrong part of the neck and will not put too much strain on your spine.
  • body weight

Body weight influences the support, temperature, and feeling of comfort a mattress provides. So, this is another essential factor to consider before deciding on the type of material and the density of the bed.

Although there is no perfect formula, depending on your preferences and body weight, the following recommendations may be helpful:


  • Lightweight (under 70kg): Most firmness ratings are set for people of average weight (80kg), so if you’re a light person, you won’t have much difficulty finding your ideal mattress. You need to assess your preferences and consider that a high-density mattress can be uncomfortable.
  •  Average weight (between 70 and 90 kg): If you are in this weight range, you have many options available. Medium firm mattresses (5-7) or those classified as “universal comfort” will be a good choice.
  •  High weight (more than 90 kg): in this case, the difficulty of finding the right mattress may increase, and you will have to pay particular attention to the density since the weight it can support will depend on it. Foam, latex, and viscoelastic mattresses gradually sink and deform with weight, not providing the support you need. In this case, pocket spring mattresses are one of the options to consider as they are able to provide the support and softness you need.

Do you move a lot during your sleep?

Movement during sleep is also a factor to consider. If you are one of those who do not stop at night. Then you must choose a firm and very adjustable mattress. That allows you to move without great difficulty and gives you the necessary comfort in all your positions.

If you don’t move too much, you can choose your mattress according to the position in which you sleep.

Are you hot or cold?

Depending on the material of the mattress, it will have the ability to provide more or less thermal sensation. So if you need to be warm, even in summer, foam, latex, or viscoelastic mattresses are the most suitable for you.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who constantly wake up during the night, a spring mattress is the one that can give you the best rest since they are the one that offers the best air circulation and breathability.

Do you have asthma or dust mite allergy?

If you suffer from one of these pathologies, it is advisable to always opt for a mattress that includes a washable cover regardless of the material.

In terms of materials, the most recommended options to prevent allergy symptoms during a night’s sleep are:

  • Latex mattresses: Although they are not strictly speaking anti-allergenic, latex is a material in which dust mites do not find good living conditions, which prevents their proliferation.
  •  Viscoelastic mattresses: Generally, in the manufacturing process of this type of mattress, antiallergic and anti-mite treatments are included. Which makes them the most suitable for people suffering from these health problems. Suppose you also choose a bed with an HR foam core (a material that prevents the reproduction of dust mites and the accumulation of allergens). In that case, you will increase the protection against your allergic problem.

Do you share the bed?

If you’re sharing a bed, viscoelastic, or pocket spring, mattresses are the most recommended. Because they have the most significant capacity to absorb movement. With these two mattresses, you can move around without disturbing the person you are sharing the bed with.


Although it may seem out of place, a mattress must adapt to every moment of our lives.

For young people, a mattress should be firm, but over the years, our physical condition has changed. It is necessary to reduce the hardness of the mattress to minimize joint problems. For the elderly, viscoelastic mattresses are the best option and are most recommended by specialists.

How do you know which mattress to buy?

The main thing in choosing a mattress is knowing the firmness and size you need. Then you have to consider many other characteristics such as the materials of manufacture. This guide has everything you need to choose a good mattress at a reasonable price.

Where to buy cheap mattresses?

Until recently, the only possibility to buy a mattress at a reasonable price was in specialized stores. Today it is much easier because it is possible to believe in online shops or even directly from the manufacturers on their websites.

Should I choose a hard or soft mattress to preserve the health of my back?

It depends on the position you sleep in. If you are a stomach sleeper, a soft, firm mattress is best, if you are a back sleeper, it should be strong. If you are a side sleeper, you should choose a medium-firm bed.

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