The 6 best straightening brushes of 2023: Comparison

Straightening brushes allow you to straighten your hair much more easily and quickly than with a hair straightener.

They are also ideal for people with wavy or curly Hair looking for an alternative to traditional straighteners to give their Hair a shinier look. Temperature regulation, bristle material, and control system are essential to consider when choosing a suitable model. In this article, I’llI’ll show you which are the best straightening brushes (depending on your budget) and what to consider when choosing your brush.

Before going any further, there are three things to consider before buying a straightening brush:

  • Hair Type: If your Hair is straight, delicate, and low density, there is no need to invest in a meeting with a high heat setting; a model at 130-150°C may suffice. If your hair is curly and wavy but also dense and thick, it is best to use a brush set between 210 and 230°C.
  •  Plate and bristle material: It is best to choose a meeting with a ceramic-coated plate and bristles, as this material distributes heat evenly and performs well even after frequent use.
  •  Weight and maneuverability: Choosing a light brush with an ergonomic handle and a long swivel cord is essential to be more comfortable when using it.

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GHD Glide & Rise Hot Brushes, Professional Hair Smoothing 

The three best-selling straightening brushes of the week on Amazon

  • Arkam Premium Beard Straightener for Men – Ionic Technology Heated Beard Brush 
  • GHD Glide & Rise Hot Brushes, Professional Hair Smoothing & Volumizing Ceramic Hair Styling Tools
  • GHD Glide & Rise Hot Brushes, Professional Hair Smoothing 

The best straightening brushes: Comparison

1- GHD Glide straightening brush

GHD Glide straightening brush: professional results for a device with an excellent quality/price ratio

The GHD Glide is sturdy, reliable, and one of the best options for frequent use. Although it only has one temperature setting, it delivers shiny, long-lasting straightness quickly on various hair types. It is highly recommended if you color your hair or use hair treatments because, thanks to its ionic technologyit does not damage your Hair.

Its design is a little simple, but make no mistake, this is a premium branded brush and the highest-rated straightening brush on the market, as it offers sensational smoothing.

As for ease of use, I didn’t-didn’t like the handle getting a bit hot, and it doesn’tdoesn’t come with an insulated glove.

Whether your hair is straight or wavy, this straightening brush can be a good option for you, as it reaches 185°C, the optimal temperature to eliminate frizz without damaging your Hair.

On the other hand, it takes about a minute to reach this temperature level, knowing that other models heat up much faster.

This is also highly recommended if you have very long Hair, as the brush surface is quite large and can catch more Hair in one pass.

It also has an auto-off mode that turns the hair straightener off after 60 minutes of inactivity.

It has a 2.7 m long swivel cord, allowing greater movement freedom.

2- CHI Tourmaline Ceramic Heated Paddle Brush

Imetec Bellissima My Pro-Magic Straight: A straightening brush with six temperature settings

The Bellissima, My Pro, has large bristles and three heating zones: in the center and on the sides of the plate, which allows you to wrap the Hair on the brush and obtain more professional results.

This brush has six different temperature adjustment levels between 160 and 210°C, which allows you to adjust the temperature more precisely according to your hair type and condition. Achieve better straightening results.

One thing that doesn’tdoesn’t quite convince me is that its adjustment knobs are in a place on the handle where they can easily be pressed by accident. However, it has a feature to lock them.

The Imetec Bellissima has ceramic-coated bristles that protect the Hair and are not too close together, which is very practical if you have delicatecurly, or wavy Hair and want a brush that does not pull.

Its plate is a good size, allowing you to straighten large strands of Hair with just a few strokes. So you can give your Hair Hair a quick touch-up in just a few minutes.

The downside is that the bristle size may not be suitable if you have concise Hair. In this case, I recommend that you consider another model. However, if you have hard-to-tame and curly Hair, you will be happy to know that it has ionic technology, reducing the frizz level without damaging it.

It also has a 60-minute auto shut-off feature. So you won’twon’t have to worry if you accidentally leave it on.

It has a small LCD screen that lets you see the selected temperature at a glance. It also has a 1.8m swivel cord.

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3- Kaisen Hot Air Hair Brush, One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer, 3-in-1 Styling Hair Curler,

The Kaisen Hot Air Hairbrush: 4 heads to dry, style, straighten, and volumize your Hair

Kaisen Hot Air Hair Brush is an excellent candidate to consider if you want a multifunctional brush to give you a different hairstyle every week, whether you have straight, curly, or frizzy Hair.

One of its weaknesses is that it sometimes pulls the Hair, which may not be the best choice if you have very fine and delicate Hair. It’sIt’s also a little big and bulky, and its 1.8m cord doesn’tdoesn’t swivel so it can get tangled easily.

However, it is a good investment if you want a complete styling tool. The Babyliss AS200E is a model to consider if you have bangs or short Hair, as its ceramic head with interstices allows you to straighten your Hair from the roots without burning your scalp.

Although it can rotate in two directions, it can only be used as a rotating brush with the 50mm brush head. However, thanks to this function, you will get more radiant Hair.

It should be noted that it can be used on wet hair to dry it thanks to its concentrator head. It has two temperature settings for this purpose. But don’tdon’t expect the same efficiency as a high-end hair dryer.

It also has a relaxed air setting to lock in style after straightening, which is excellent for keeping Hair in shape for longer. It also has an ionic function that adds shine and eliminates static electricity.

4- Remington Pro 2-In-1 Heated Straightening Brush with Thermaluxe Advanced Thermal Technology

Remington Keratin Protect: A smoothing brush that delivers a shiny, voluminous effect on curly, unruly Hair

Although it is a little heavier than other models with similar characteristics, it is manageable and easy to use, thanks to the layout of its adjustment buttons.

Remington Keratin Protect can be a good choice if your Hair is quite dense and thick, as its bristles maintain some separation despite its large size, which will help you detangle and style your hair quickly.

What I didn’tdidn’t like was that the handle gets a bit hot when used at a very high temperature, although you can adjust the temperature between 150 and 190°C depending on what suits you best.

The Remington Keratin Protect has a large plate, which allows it to brush a lot of Hair with each pass so that you can finish in no time and with little effort.

It also features ceramic bristles infused with keratin and almond oil, helping to eliminate frizz more effectively and achieve more professional results.

One of the great things about it is that it only takes 30 seconds to heat up, which is ideal if, like me, you take a while to get ready and want to make sure you get everything right.

5- L’AngeL’Ange Hair Le Vite Hair Straightening Brush | Double Negative Ion Technology for Smooth, Frizz-Free Hair | Easy

L’AngeL’Ange Hair straightening brush: An ideal meeting if you have Hair that gets tangled easily

The L’AngeL’Ange Hair is an exciting straightening brush: instead of bristles, it has interstices or crevices that heat the Hair and avoid direct contact with the scalp.

This straightening brush is an excellent choice if you have wavy or curly Hair, as it gives good results on this type of Hair thanks to its five adjustable temperature levels between 130 and 210°C.

If you have long, straight Hair and want to get those curls that so many of us love, you can do it with the CNXUS because its design allows you to curl strands of Hair for a more wavy look easily.

A notable downside is that it gets boiling at higher settings, although it comes with a heat-resistant glove to prevent burns.

What I liked about this straightening brush was the shape of the brush head. Due to its size, it can straighten quite a lot of Hair in just a few strokes.

Another advantage is that it only takes 30 seconds to heat up, so you won’twon’t have to wait long to use it. It also has an auto-off feature, a nice bonus for those who are a little distracted.

It’sIt’s one of the lightest straightening brushes you’ll find, weighing just 0.38 kg, so you won’twon’t strain your arm or wrist by holding it for long periods.

The heat-insulating mitt has a storage pouch and two bobby pins to hold your hair while styling.

6- Hair Dryer Brush 5 in-1 Electric Blow Dryer Comb Hair Curling Wand Detachable Brush Kit

Mexaryue: A suitable inexpensive multi-style airbrush

This is the second time that the blower brush from BaByliss has made it into our ranking. The Mexaryue blower brush has three temperature/speed levels and a power of 1200 watts.

There are also different tipsCeramic thermal brush tip (38mm)paddle brush, round brush tip (20mm), and nylon brush (25mm).

Depending on the hairstyle you want, you can easily swap the tips. Thanks to ionizing technology, the Hair’s surface is smooth and not charged with static electricity. The cold air mode is intended for styling and fixing the locks.

Conclusion: The powerful BaByliss hot air brush dries and styles your Hair in one step. In addition, thanks to ionic technology, the Hair is cared for and shaped without damage.

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How to choose your straightening brush? The buying guide

A straightening brush includes a plate and bristles of resistive material heated by an electric current. This high temperature makes the Hair more manageable, helps to eliminate frizz, and gives it a smoother shape.

But not all Hair straightening brushes offer the same thing. Before choosing a model, there are several things to consider to make the right purchase. Here are the most important ones:

Hair type and temperature setting

Depending on your hair type, you must choose a straightening brush with the right temperature setting. The more unruly and wavy your Hair is, the higher the brush’s temperature needs to reach.

For example, if your Hair is straight and delicate, a brush that reaches 150°C may be more suitable, as this type of Hair doesn’tdoesn’t need as much heat to achieve an even finish. In addition, at very high temperatures, you risk burning and damaging your Hair, especially if it is beautiful.

On the other hand, if your hair is wavy or curly, it is better to choose a straightening brush that reaches 210-230°C to obtain better-straightening results without much effort. Also, high temperatures are recommended for thick, firm Hair, as there is less risk of damage or burns.

Brush and plate material

The material of the bristles and the plate of the straightening brush are synonymous with the efficiency and quality of the results it can offer.

It is more common to find brushes with ceramic-coated bristles and plates due to their advantages: they distribute the heat evenly and, at the same time, provide shine and softness to the Hair. The disadvantage of this material is that if the brush falls, the ceramic can break and become practically unusable.

You can also find brushes with boar bristles, which, being soft and flexible, are suitable for delicate Hair that tends to break.

brush type

There are two types of straightening brushes: pin/bristle brushes and cylindrical airbrushes.

Bristle or spike straightening brushes are more recommended for those with very long Hair, as you can straighten more Hair with each stroke. However, it is not easy to untangle the Hair from the roots with them due to the size of the hair.

On the other hand, Cylindrical blower brushes are great for those with short hair or who like to wear bangs, as they can straighten Hair from the root without damaging or burning the scalp.


If you have curly or unruly Hair, it it’s essential to choose a straightening brush with an ionic generator, which helps eliminate frizz caused by static electricity, an effect that makes your Hair look puffy and bumpy like if you have just gotten out of bed.

Plus, ionic technology helps your Hair look more natural and shinier than using heat alone.

Automatic shutdown

If you’re a bit airheaded, choose an electric hairbrush with an automatic shut-off so you can rest easy if you leave it on.

Typically, straightening brushes with this feature automatically turns off after 60 minutes of inactivity.

However, these devices have moderate power consumption, so turning them off after use is necessary to avoid increasing your electricity bill.


To ensure you have a good experience every time you use your straightening brush, be sure to choose a hair straightening brush that is lightweight and comfortable to hold. Choose a meeting of 0.3-0.5 kg so that your arm and wrist do not tire when using it.

You must also choose a brush with a long swivel cord, for example, 2 to 3 m long, especially if you need a power outlet nearby. This way, you won’t have any problems if you move a lot or twist the brush a lot when you run it through your Hair.

What is a straightening brush?

A straightening brush has a surface and bristles that can withstand high temperatures (130-250°C), and when in contact with the Hair, it gives it a smoother and silkier shape.

What is the best straightening brush brand?

The best Hair straightening brush brand today is most likely GHD, although other brands like Imetec Bellissima, Babyliss, Rowenta, or Remington make high-quality hair straightening brushes. In this comparison, you can see the best and the worst of the best straightening hairbrushes.

Which is better, the straightener or the straightening brush?

Although the usefulness of both devices is similar, there are differences in how they are used and in the results obtained. The straightener makes the Hair straighter and with less volume, while the straightening brush leaves the Hair with more book, is faster, and exposes the Hair to less heat.

How to use a straightening brush?

To straighten your Hair with an electric straightening brush, part your hair into strandsgrab a strand by the tip, and run the meeting length of the strand, making sure the Hair touches the base of the brush (you must exert some pressure).

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