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6 best Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner of 2023 Comparison and Buying Guide

The classic vacuum cleaner is not enough in homes where people who are allergic (to dust, dust mites, animal hair, etc. live). The more demanding cleaning. To carry out this task, it is advisable to use specific devices: vacuum cleaners for people allergic to dust mites.

Today, it’s time to take stock of the best models regarding power, performance, and maneuverability. In this comparison of the best vacuum cleaners for people allergic to dust mites, we’ll explain everything you need to take into account so that you can make the right choice.

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What you should consider before buying a vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers

HEPA filter

Pay attention to the types of filters. If they are essential in any vacuum cleaner, in a vacuum cleaner for dust mite allergy sufferers, they are a fundamental part. In this article, you will see several vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters for allergy sufferers.

vacuum cleaner accessories

Dust, dust mites, and other allergens accumulate in every corner of the house in a particular way. You will need different attachments or suction modes to ensure optimal cleaning of all surfaces.

1- Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, ROIDMI S2 435W 23500Pa Powerful Suction Stick Vacuum

Vacuum, clean, and disinfect – all in one! If you don’t like vacuuming but have to do it often because of allergies, I recommend a product like this. You will be investing in your health even if it involves a significant financial outlay.

This innovative proposal from Xiaomi is equipped with an antibacterial brush that allows effective and complete cleaning with minimal effort. You have full control thanks to an LED display integrated into the handle that informs you of valuable aspects such as the remaining battery, the status of the filter, or the suction power.

You can also install the Xiaomi application for its vacuum cleaners on your mobile phone to obtain this information.

It is a bagless vacuum that uses a 6-stage filtration system, including a HEPA filter that intercepts dust mites at the entrance and an antibacterial filter that neutralizes the air at the exit. In addition, it has an interior coating with a ZIWEI sterilization system that prevents the reproduction of bacteria inside the device itself.

The X30 series comes in several versions with motors running at 120,000 rpm: the X30 Storm, the X30 Pro Animal, and the X30 Plus. They differ only in the number of accessories, whether or not there is a color LED display, and battery life.

Is it suitable for pet hair?

Suck up animal hair. There is already a specific version of the X30: the Roidmi X30 Pro Animal (the best vacuum cleaner for dog/cat and animal hair ). The main difference from the basic model is that this vacuum cleaner includes an original accessory for dogs and cats. It’s not just about cleaning surfaces but also about vacuuming your pet to keep it clean and removing any hair that’s about to fall out or dander built up on its fur.


  • Lightweight: 1.5 kg
  •  Advanced filtration system with sterilization
  •  Good suction even in normal mode
  •  Automatic LED light


  • The price
  •  Accessories according to the versions

2- Roborock H7 Pure Cordless Vacuum with 160 AW Suction Power

The Roborock H7 is a 480-watt vacuum cleaner that, even in standard mode, can pick up lint and heavier objects (crumbs, stones, grains of rice…) without any problem. The suction power remains constant and is not affected by the tank being too full or the battery being low.

Worried about dust mites on the sofa and bed? Thanks to its oscillating head, you can vacuum more comfortably on soft surfaces using the Roborock H7 as a handheld vacuum. And if you want to remove dirt from the floor at home, attach the extendable tube and multi-surface brush to complete the task in a snap. However, it does not have a parking position, so cleaning can be trickier in this configuration.

It has a 0.5-liter tank, which is more than enough for maintenance cleaning. But it also has the particularity of being able to place a bag inside in case you need to ensure even more hygienic suction/emptying, which is very useful for serious allergy problems.

Roborock H7 is the second version of the brand’s cordless vacuum cleaners. Compared to the H6 version, it has some interesting details, like the magnetic accessories that you can “stick” to the tube or the charging base and a flexible tube that comes in handy to reach inaccessible places.

  • You can place a bag (optional) in the tank at your convenience and then return to bagless mode.
  •  The suction power can be adjusted on the device’s screen without constantly pressing the trigger.
  •  Maintenance and assembly/disassembly operations are simple and with easy access to the filters (inside/outside).
  •  Dimensions 81.3 x 35.5 x 18.7 cm and 7.8 kg


  • Quick charge in 2.5 hours
  •  3 power levels: ECO, regular, and maximum
  •  Battery indicator/minutes of autonomy
  •  Autonomy up to 90 min (in ECO mode)
  •  Magnetic accessory storage
  •  5-layer HEPA filtration


  • At maximum power, it only has an 8-minute runtime.
  •  Does not include a parking option when used in broom mode.

3- Eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S MAX, Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Super-Thin, 2000Pa

“Smart cleaning” also offers alternatives for allergy sufferers. That’s the case with the Create Ikohs Netbot S15, a robot vacuum that tackles all surfaces and even scrubs your floor.

That could be too many features for a device priced far more affordably than other, more popular robot vacuums, like those from Dyson or Roomba. And yes, even if he tries, he is not entirely up to it.

But as an entry-level model, this Create Ikohs Netbot S15 is excellent value for money and is helpful for allergy sufferers. It combines that promise of quality cleaning.

It’s a pity that there is no particular program for carpets. Although in “strong” mode, he is supposed to be able to reach an average stack, you can’t always rely on him to do so. Typically, it works on carpets up to 2cm thick.

I would only buy this standalone vacuum to schedule routine cleanings in a household with allergy sufferers. You’ll only be able to use it on the floor, so for vacuuming other surfaces where dust mites collect, you’ll need to turn to alternatives like the CLEANmaxx or the Hoover Ultra Vortex.

The Netbot S15 series from Create is completed with the 2.0 Tool 2.0 Pro Tool options. Specifications are the same as the base model Create Ikohs Netbot S15, but with additional interchangeable attachments for more thorough cleaning.

  • It has two separate compartments for solids and liquids. If you want to wash, you have to replace one with the other. The capacity of 600ml each.
  •  It is a programmable unit with WiFi connectivity. Download an app and customize the cleaning from your mobile phone according to your needs.
  •  Dimensions of 33 x 75 cm and 3 kg.
  •  This robot vacuum produces a noise of about 62 dB.
  •  The power is 25W.

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4- Kenmore BC3005 Pet-Friendly Lightweight Bagged Canister Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum’s versatility is a big part of its success – are you looking for a vacuum that can get rid of dust mites and work on any surface? The Philips PowerPro Compact will come in handy if you can vacuum large homes and surfaces of various sizes, removing even the smallest particles of dust and dirt.

It has an anti-allergy HEPA 13 filter that returns clean air to the outside and a hygienic drain system that ensures you never come into contact with the collected dust – and I assure you that there is a lot of dust! With its cyclonic technology and 900 watts of power, no dirt particle can resist it.

It has the disadvantage of being a somewhat bulky vacuum cleaner with a cord. This can limit its mobility in some regions of the house, although it has a range of 30 feet.

You can get rid of the dust using the small brush built into the assistant or the narrow nozzle for inaccessible nooks and crannies. But if you have to work on large surfaces and want to save time and effort, use the TriActive head: in a single pass, it stirs, descales, and absorbs dirt. It’s a good solution if you only have a little time to vacuum.

In the Philips bagless vacuum cleaners category, you will find other exciting options in the 5000 series. But if you need a device specially designed for allergy sufferers, the Philips PowerPro Compact FC9332/09 is the best choice.

  • The allergy filter is washable and can be reused after cleaning/drying.
  •  It has an ActiveLock coupling system that easily attaches accessories to the tube.
  •  Utilizes PowerCyclone 7 technology with hyper-accelerated airflow that stays put longer.
  •  Dimensions 41 x 28 x 24.7 cm and 4.5 kg.


  • Filtration level Allergy HEPA 13
  •  Range of 9m
  •  TriActive brush: 3 cleaning actions in a single pass
  •  PowerCyclone 7: high power technology


  • Loss of suction on carpets
  •  No speed control
  •  Loud: 76dB

5- Hoover MAXLife Elite Swivel Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Media Filtration

Its commercial success is no coincidence. The Hoover MAXLife Elite Swivel is one of the best value dust mite vacuum cleaner around.

The Hoover Ultra Vortex is well received because it combines two fundamental aspects of good performance: a 500-watt motor, which is more than powerful for a handheld vacuum, and the rotation speed of 4,200 rpm at which it operates. A more than remarkable suction capacity.

It is a pity that it weighs 2.2 kg. For a handheld vacuum, that’s a heaviness that kicks in once you’ve been cleaning for a while. What is good is that it is not necessary to try too hard each time because it sucks pretty well from the first pass, thanks to the vibration system that it integrates. But do not use it on hard surfaces, as it is designed for fine dust on delicate surfaces.

Therefore, it is particularly effective if you want to clean seats, pillows, mattresses, and cushions, where dust mites usually accumulate. Not surprisingly, it even received an award from the British Allergy Foundation.

In addition to the suction and sweeping functions, it includes a third possibility: eliminating bacteria and mites by applying germicidal ultraviolet light. Therefore, although its design may remind us of the CLEANxx, it offers results at a higher level. Hoover’s alternative is much more effective if your problem is with your mattresses and sofa.

Hoover Ultra Vortex:

The Hoover Ultra Vortex is the only mattress vacuum model from the prestigious Hoover brand. But suppose you want a vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers of the same brand and a similar price. You can opt for a vacuum cleaner from the Hoover Sprint series, with cyclonic technology and washable EPA filters.

  • It has an easy-to-empty 0.3-liter tank.
  •  The three operating modes can be combined
  •  The UV lamp turns itself off when detached from the worktop.
  •  Dimensions 26.5 x 34 x 18.5 cm and 2.2 kg.


  • Operation at 4,200 pm
  •  3 functions: vacuum, wipe, sterilize
  •  High efficiency on soft surfaces
  •  Good value for money, being a reliable brand


  • Weight: 2.2 kg
  •  Wired
  •  Complicated maintenance (jamming device must be unscrewed).

6 – Miele Boost CX1 – Bagless canister vacuum cleaner, lightweight

Miele Boost CX1 models are products that, without too many pretensions, are generally good value for money. This bagless multi-cyclonic vacuum cleaner has met the expectations to which the brand has become accustomed: simplicity, economy, and good performance.

Its 700 watts of power allow effective cleaning, with a capacity of 2.5 liters.

Is it practical for a small apartment? Yes, if you don’t have to walk through hallways with furniture or up and down stairs with a device weighing almost 7 kg. And for the price, it comes with plenty of accessories to complete a good cleaning.

It is also very effective as a vacuum cleaner for households with dust mite allergies. Although it does not sterilize surfaces or contain specific filters for allergy sufferers, its washable HEPA 12 filter returns 99.5% particle-free air.

This Amazon Basics multi-cyclonic vacuum cleaner model also exists in a version with a smaller capacity tank (1.5 liters) and identical characteristics in terms of power, filters, and accessories. This slightly smaller alternative also comes at a lower price.

  • It works with multi-cyclonic technology, which increases suction power.
  •  The tank opens and empties without coming into contact with its contents.
  •  Dimensions 45.29 x 32.99 x 27.41 cm and weight 6.8 kg.


  • Energy efficiency: consumption of 23.4 kWh per year
  •  Tube adjustable up to 1.5 m
  •  HEPA 12 filter: retains pollen, dust, and other airborne allergens.
  •  Without bag


  • Loud: 78dB
  •  Not recommended for homes with many stairs (weight)
  •  No special antibacterial treatment or sterilization.

Guide to choosing the right vacuum cleaner for people with allergies

When considering buying a vacuum cleaner for a household with dust mite allergies, there are several aspects to consider. In this type of purchase, it is not enough to buy a device that sucks efficiently, but a device that meets the critical requirement of taking care of your health.

In this short guide to buying a vacuum cleaner for people with dust mite allergies, I will explain some key points for a successful purchase.

Filtering system

Suction power should not be considered a priority. Of course, this is an important aspect, but what is more important in your case is that the vacuum cleaner has a superior air filtering system than conventional models.

This filtering technology can come in many forms, but the HEPA filter should always be present. They are the most effective filters on the market, treating almost all of the mites, germs, and other pathogenic microparticles you absorb with your vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning and disinfection

Be demanding about the performance of your new dust mite vacuum, but keep the bush open. A multifunctional vacuum cleaner is only handy if it provides precisely what you need.

It is beneficial for a household with allergy sufferers if the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a disinfection/sterilization functionThe UV treatment option is widespread, especially in mattress vacuums. This feature guarantees a much more thorough cleaning: not only does it kill mites, but it also prevents them from appearing in the future.

Protection also inside

In the most advanced models of anti-allergy vacuum cleaners, the anti-mite technology is applied inside the components and accessories, not only to the filters. This is an effective way to prevent germs from finding a way to breed in the vacuum itself.

On the other hand, even if your vacuum cleaner has a hygienic cleaning or emptying system, anything you can do to minimize contact with dirt is an asset in preventing allergies.

Make your home a safe space. Whether it’s an inexpensive vacuum cleaner for mattresses, sofas, and cushions or a high-end vacuum cleaner with advanced filtering systems, any small contribution to a dust-mite-free home will allow you to breathe much more. Easily.

What is the best dust mite vacuum cleaner for allergies?

Among the models analyzed, the one that stands out from the others is the Roidmi X30, mainly thanks to its 6-level HEPA filter and its antibacterial brush (see earlier in the article).

What is a vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers?

A vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers incorporates a HEPA filter, a system that filters the air by removing dust and most allergens. HEPA filters are rated from 10 to 14, with HEPA13 and HEPA14 being the most recommended for trapping allergens.

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